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Chassis Overview

In 2014 we set out to expand our chassis line by adding our state of the art JRX – Jr. Sprint chassis. Our goal was to provide a more consistent, user friendly Jr. Sprint design to the market with all the luxuries our 600 Chassis has to offer. What was developed was a miniature D1 Chassis-600 Micro Sprint in the body of a Jr. Sprint; thus the birth of the JRX


Torsion Bar
Rear End

Our JRX design utilizes Torsion bar rear suspension unlike most Jr. Sprint designs. Why torsion bars? Torsion bars provide consistency and stability. With that, set ups and adjustments are consistent and predictable when you need a race car that you can rely on to be there every lap of every race! While your young driver is learning and growing, you can be confident that he or she is finding the most speed in a consistent and predictable handling race car.

Splined Rear End

Lightweight, and easy to use, Driven’s JRX-Splined Rear Axle assembly is cutting edge on the Jr. Sprint market. It’s easy to repeat set ups with splined wheel spacing, this means no more key ways and pinch clamps that can become faulty. When HP and speed is valuable on small cars, our lightweight rotating components will help you find that extra time on the stop watch as well!

Chassis Mount Rack & Pinion Steering

The JRX front end and steering system is design for little drivers who need a smooth feel to keep them on track. We have utilized our 600-Micro Sprint, chassis mounted Rack & Pinion Steering Box to eliminate axle mounted bump steer from other styles of steering. With that, we have strengthened the front end components by incorporating 600-Micro Sprint size kingpin boss’, kingpins, and spindles. Combined with our JRX steering arm, this system is made for smooth steering, durability, and strength! Not to mention, these parts can follow your driver as they move on to the Restricted 600 class!