As the 2016 race season comes to a close, we can tally up the win totals across the country. It’s not difficult to see the amount of success our customers have achieved throughout the course of just 10 months of racing! 2016 has proved to be by far our most successful season to date thanks to our dedicated customers and drivers. We thank you all for being apart of the #d1movement and can not wait to press forward into the future with you on our team!

Driver Wins State
Frank Flud 39 OK
Jake Hagopian 16 CA
Zeb Wise 15 IN
Nathan Rainey 7 OK
Joshua Gentry 5 OK
Jeffrey Pahule Jr. 5 CA
Braden Knipmeyer 4 MO
Trey Burke III 3 TX
Sam Locuson 3 NJ
Gage Robb 3 OK
Holley Hollan 3 OK
Logan Hershey 3 SD
Kyle Amerson 3 AL
Trey Robb 2 OK
Carl Locuson 2 NJ
Matt Moore 2 OK
Ryan Reeves 2 CA
Mike Ludwig 2 CA
Eric Wright 2 TN
Glen Carstairs 2 AUS
Jacob Clark 2 CA
Layden Pearson 2 OK
Chris Bellman 2 AUS
Shawn Conde 2 CA
Blake Dewberry 1 OK
Chris Locuson 1 NJ
Jessica McManus 1 CA
Haley Hollan 1 OK
Harley Hollan 1 OK
Brayden Trigueiro 1 CA
Jake Palmisano 1 IL
Quinton Benson 1 MO
Austin Nigh 1 IN
Jimmy McClain 1 TN
Ashleigh Johnson 1 WA
Cory Eliason 1 CA
Brayden Renfro 1 MO
Jaxon Bishop 1 AL
Derrick McBride I44 Speedway A Non-Wing/Winged
Nathan Rainey I44 Speedway Restricted
Sam Locuson Airport Speedway Non Wing
Jake Hagopian Plaza Park Raceway Super 600
USAC National Championship