2017 Win Total on the Rise!

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With customers experiencing success in every corner of the US and Australia we stopped and tallied our win totals for the 2017 season to date! If your personal total needs to be adjusted or you were missed, please correct us by emailing jake@d1driven.com. Here’s our current list:

Driver Wins State
Frank Flud 35 OK
Joshua Gentry 10 OK
Jake Hagopian 4 CA
Glen Carstairs 4 AUS
Grady Mercer 4 OK
Logan Hershey 2 SD
Matt Moore 2 OK
Holley Hollan 2 OK
Eric Wright 2 TN
Rusty Disinger 2 IN
Kyle Amerson 2 AL
Brooklyn Holland 2 CA
Cody Christnesen 2 CA
Jesson Jacobson 2 WA
Layden Pearson 1 OK
Harley Hollan 1 OK
Austin Nigh 1 IN
Jimmy McClain 1 TN
Chris Bellman 1 AUS
Jaxon Bishop 1 AL
Derek Begnaud 1 TX
Spud Allen 1 WA
Bryson Bettencourt 1 CA
Jacy Sarale 1 CA
Steve Caunt 1 AUS
Emerson Axsom 1 IN
Brody Armtrout 1 CA
 TOTAL (6/7/2017) 88
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